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to the Kung Fu Network Victoria; Shaolin Kung Fu Academy!

Question; When is a Kung Fu not a fighting style? Answer; When it is used for Exercise, Health, Fitness and Self Defence! And that is what Shaolin Kung Fu is; a Health and Fitness Style that uses Kung Fu Movements but is based in Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Kung!

And the best way to see what it is really like is to come and try out three free sessions on our venue in Mordialloc or Camberwell (addresses above)!

Who is the Kung Fu Network→

The Kung Fu Network is a group of people who like the Shaolin 5 Animal Kung Fu for health, fitness and fun reasons; and who believe that violence is not an answer to most anything. Yet, the sad truth is, that only if you truly have the skills do you have the ability and confidence to stop violent behavior without need violence. (People instinctively know when someone is bluffing and when it is the real deal; not always but mostly.)

Master and Chief Instructor The Kung Fu network Victoria
Head Master and Chief Instructor Robert Z
Started Kung Fu training 1962
Teaches Tuesday, Wednesdays and Saturdays
"I will make your training session Interesting Fun and Safe"
Instructor The Kung Fu Network Victoria
Sifu Anthony C.
Started Kung Fu training in 2005
Teaches Thursdays in Mordialloc
"It will be a good, safe and enjoyable workout"
Instructor The Kung Fu Network Victoria
Sihing James R.
Started Kung Fu training 2007
Teaches Tuesdays Shaolin Lion Cubs
"When it's fun for all, fitness works well."
Instructor The Kung Fu Network Victoria
Sihing Martyn McD
Started Kung Fu training 2007
Teaches Mondays in Camberwell
"Shaolin Forms are what it is all about!"

Site Overview→

You can find a whole lot of information on this WEB site about Shaolin (the source of our kung fu), Kung Fu (and how it is different from other Kung Fu, Traditional Chinese Weaponry (for fun, interest and recreation), Animal Style Personalities (what Animal Kung Fu is really about) and a lot more. There are well over 80 pages so if you ever get lost, just return to this page using the 'Main Page' link at the top and bottom of all our other pages!

Questions, Contact Info and venue Locations→

If you have any questions there are a few ways you can contact us. E-mail info@kungfu.network or if you like, call us on (03) 95 KUNG FU that is (03) 95 5864 38. Finally, you can visit us on Facebook or even have a look at our videos on Youtube. But best of all is if you pop in and try out 3 sessions for free at one of our venues in Camberwell or Mordialloc!